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One in five students has a learning disability, yet only 1/20 actually gets diagnosed. Marker was started because the current learning disability support system is broken. Rather than waiting sometimes years to be seen by a school-appointed evaluator, or spending thousands of dollars on private assessments, individuals can now connect remotely with one of Marker's licensed psychologists and receive a complete diagnostic assessment and supportive action plan within 30 days.

I was tasked with communicating how technology and the highest caliber psychologists come together to create accessible, affordable and timely gold-standard evaluations. Unlike its competitors which heavily lean on marketing their products as less expensive, faster alternatives to private care, Marker is also positioned as a brand that learners and their families can both trust in quality and be emotionally connected to.

Following its official launch, Marker raised $15 million in Series A financing.

Credit: Dain Gordon (brand identity)