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About Me

Born and raised in Los Angeles, but made through lives lived in NYC, Milan, and Buenos Aires.

I have 15 years of digital, brand, and content marketing experience, much of which has involved building out big ideas from the ground up.

I believe in artful problem solving, and my background as an investment analyst turned writer/editor turned strategist allows me to effortlessly join a keen visual eye and storytelling abilities with data and research. My aim is to help founders and organizations uncover, declutter, and clarify their vision and mission to get to a place where they feel seen, and their audiences feel heard.

Architecture, real estate, and sustainable design are my specialties, but my areas of focus also include women’s issues, children’s education, parenting, and health and wellness.

I currently reside between Los Angeles and Missoula, Montana. In my spare time I hike, read, churn fanciful ice cream flavors, DJ dance parties for my daughters Margo and Aggie, and offer solicited (and unsolicited) advice to my creative director partner.

What I Do

—Brand Strategy
—Verbal Identity
—Content Strategy & Development