—Brand Strategy
—Verbal Identity

Old men, old ideas, old ways of doing things… all captured in a name: a confusing string of last names, thrown together to follow an anachronistic convention set by outdated firms. But a name is not a name anymore; if a name doesn’t start a discussion, you won’t stand out in the modern-day architecture industry (there are more architects in the US than any other country).

As young architects at the infancy of building their own firm, Geoffrey Braiman and Adam Sauer wanted to communicate a mission and identity outside of them as founders. How would this be achieved? Accepting that “Architecture is B.S.”

Uninspired by how the generations before have been doing things, they wanted a name that embodied their playful approach and their perspective on the current practice of architecture. Here, the abbreviation (the first letters of their last names) represent more than just them as the creative force behind the studio, but how their design thinking and processes are flexed. For them architecture is a living conversation, not a static equation. And while the work is serious, their approach is not.